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Men and women wear silver christian jewelry as a fashion statement and to showcase their Christian beliefs. Letting others know of your faith is a subtle approach for acting as God’s witness. Christians everywhere are openly showcasing their faith by wearing silver cross rings, silver cross necklaces and other forms of silver cross jewellery to signify their belief in God.


The most common types of silver christian jewelry are bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants and brooches. The designs vary from simple silver cross rings through to sterling silver affirmation charms and silver celtic jewelry with detailed symbolic designs. A sterling silver cross necklace certainly looks smart, and for many men, this has more appeal than gold crosses or wooden crosses. 18k gold religious jewelry may be more valuable in dollar terms, but sterling silver (or white gold) can look more stylish (in the opinion of many males). Silver cross necklaces look tasteful and masculine and are easier on the wallet than 18 karat gold.


Many Catholics, Baptists and Anglicans like to wear various types of silver christian jewelry ranging from saint christopher medals, a silver star of david pendant, silver rosaries, crucifixes, silver cross rings and the most popular of all a sterling silver cross necklace.


After all, silver christian jewelry represents the crucifixion and Jesus on the cross. Religious crosses and crucifixes are a symbol of faith and hope and show the world your Christian beliefs. They have also been used to ward off the evil spirits; as performed by priests when performing exorcisms.


Sterling Silver Religious Jewelry to Show Your Faith in Jesus, God, the Church and Christianity


Unlike some other fashion accessories, silver cross jewellery is worn for special significance. This is why Christian jewelry is so very popular for weddings. Crucifixes and crosses are frequently incorporated into pendants, necklaces and wedding rings. It can not only signify your vow of love for your partner in marriage, but also symbolizing one’s eternal love of God.


Wearing a sterling silver cross necklace might mean different things to different people. Some men will wear silver cross necklaces as a fashion statement. Others will wear silver christian jewelry to genuinely show their faith in Jesus, the Church and Christianity. Some men will wear silver celtic jewelry and silver cross rings to ward off evil spirits.


Another fundamental aspect about the Christian faith is the idea of Salvation. Salvation is the idea that sacrifice is necessary in order to bring good to people and to the world in general. Salvation is illustrated by the fact that Jesus Christ was said to die for the sins of human beings on the earth. The sacrifice that made the most impact has been the death of Jesus Christ which was said to be a sacrifice for human beings. It is said that the only way that people can be saved is if they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, they also must be baptized, and they must live with love and purity in their heart.


The next aspect of Christianity which is of vital importance is the teaching of the trinity. The trinity is known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Within the trinity, the father, son, and holy spirit are each different entities, but they cannot separate either, they remain together.


Next, the scriptures are of ultimate importance within the Christian religion. The scriptures refer to as the Old testament and the New testament, both of which have influence over Christianity as a whole. It is said that the scriptures include the information from which "God breathed". Lastly, a very vital aspect of Christianity includes Eschatology which is defined as the end of things. Eschatology has a great deal of importance in Christianity since it includes the idea of the rapture, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the idea of Heaven and Hell, the Tribulation, the Last Judgment, death and the afterlife, the end of the world, Millennialism, and the New Heavens and New Earth. It is said that all people will experience divine judgment according to the Christian faith. Divine judgment includes either reward by eternal life or conversely, eternal damnation.


Whatever your reason, sterling silver (or white gold) will always be a good choice. Wearing a silver star of david pendant, a silver st christopher necklace, or and form of silver celtic jewelry will show your true fashion sense, and reveal your faith in something bigger than yourself. Sterling silver Christian jewelry never goes out of fashion.


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