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Men’s Stainless Steel Cross Necklaces,
the Symbol of Faith and Focal Point of Fashion

 mens stailess steel crosses

Men’s stainless steel crosses are the preferred symbol of faith by millions of Christians around the world. They are often purchased in stores or given as a gift after a baptismal or confirmation has occurred. The cross symbol is arguably the most popular type of religious adornment on necklaces and constructed out of many different materials.


Stainless steel cross necklaces however are some of the most popular for a variety of reasons. For men, choosing a stainless steel cross necklace is considered an important part of wearing the faith close to the heart.


The History of the Cross Necklace


Although the history of the cross as part of the Christian faith goes back nearly 2,000 years, the wearing of necklaces featuring the cross or crucifix as symbols of faith do not go back quite as far. In fact, the original symbol of the Christian faith was the fish, not the cross which did not become prominent until roughly two centuries after the Crucifixion.


As Christianity spread across Europe, crude necklaces featuring the cross may have been worn by the peasants of the time, but the Christian church which consisted of the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox used jewelry depicting the cross symbol which may be where the tradition of wearing the cross first began. In fact, certain denominations of the Eastern Orthodox Church requires cross necklaces to be worn and never removed while the Catholic Church encourages its members to wear cross necklaces whenever possible.


Over the centuries, people have worn cross necklaces as symbols of their faith as well as protection from evil forces that might bring temptation or harm. Different denominations of Christianity have their own unique take on the cross necklace, such as the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church which requires the cross on men to be affixed to a “matab” or silk cord which is to be worn after being baptized and at all times.


The Use of Stainless Steel


In recent times, the development of stainless steel has revolutionized many different industries including jewelry. Because of its lightweight properties along with its inherent strength, stainless steel quickly became incorporated into many different jewelry designs, including its use in cross necklaces. The versatility of the metal combined with its ability to resist staining, oxidation and scratches made it the perfect choice for many different types of jewelry.


Because of these attributes and more, stainless steel has become the choice for millions of people when it comes to the selection of cross necklaces. Stainless steel offers many different advantages for those who are seeking to purchase a new cross necklace for their needs or perhaps as a gift.


The Advantages of Stainless Steel in Cross Necklaces


Although crosses can be made from many different types of materials, stainless steel is a very popular one for several reasons. Because of its attributes, stainless steel cross necklaces number in the millions around the world.


Durability: Stainless steel is one of the most resilient metals in use, resisting corrosion and standing up under many different conditions. Add to this the inherent strength of stainless steel and it becomes very apparent why it is so popular. Stainless steel requires very little in terms of maintenance and under normal conditions will last for many decades.


Versatility: Stainless steel is a metal that can be readily shaped, so it is available in a number of different styles. Whether you choose a more traditional cross or one that is used by different denominations or original designs, you can find the one that best appeals to your nature. In addition, many of the designs feature jewels or other materials to augment the appearance of the cross itself.


Shine: The glitter and shine that comes from a stainless steel cross is certainly unmistakable. It is little wonder why they are so popular thanks in large part to their “like new” appearance. The stainless steel needs only occasional cleaning and will not oxidize or corrode like many other metals. This means that they will still look almost as new as the day you obtained them even after many years.


Comfort: Because it reacts well to your own body heat, wearing a stainless steel cross is quite comfortable even against the skin. The metal will heat up to your body temperature quickly so that it doesn’t remain cold for long and can be worn all day without causing any skin reaction. This is another reason why so many people choose the stainless steel cross necklaces as the one that works best for them.


Price: Arguably, about the only metal that can match stainless steel for all of its attributes is gold, although gold is much heavier. Still, stainless steel cross necklace generally cost a fraction of the amount compared to those made of gold. This means that you can find a stainless steel necklace that best suits your needs while saving a considerable amount of money compared to those crafted from gold.


For all of these reasons and more, stainless steel provides a strong, durable and comfortable material to be used in the creation of cross necklaces. The value of this material is such that it has become one of the most popular in terms of use.


The Future of Mens Stainless Steel Crosses


With prices holding steady and a plentiful supply, the future of stainless steel in terms of jewelry is still quite strong. Its use in cross necklaces will continue as well thanks to its overall popularity and durability. In many families, stainless steel necklaces are not only given as gifts, but passed down from one generation to the next as a continuing symbol of faith and a reminder of family ties.


In addition, there is a wide variety of stainless steel cross necklaces about and with each passing year new designs are created to meet the needs of customers as well. It’s little wonder that they remain a strong part of our culture. The future of stainless steel crosses for men is certainly very bright and will be with us to stay for a long time to come.



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