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Men's silver jewelry especially mens silver rings now have a prominent place in the fashion world. In earlier days you would only see mens silver rings in classic wedding bands but now, there is hardly any jewelry that men will not wear.

Through the ages mens silver rings have been worn as status symbol. Nowadays a man’s silver ring shows a commitment to love, and reflect a personal individual style. The range of mens silver rings (and gold rings too) is extensive, but not necessarily expensive. If you visit a local jewelry store or search many of the online jewelry web sites, you will be pleasantly surprised with the range, quality and low prices on offer.

A choice of mens silver rings ranges from tradition and classic designs to an elegant blend of contemporary and bold designs. And, mens silver rings are not limited to traditional wedding or engagement rings. These days there are: thumb rings, spinning rings, meditation rings, gemstone rings, Celtic rings and even Nordic rings.

Men’s rings make an ideal gift for a graduation, birthday, anniversary and Father’s Day, Valentines Day - and not forgetting men’s wedding rings. Men’s sterling silver wedding bands are becoming more popular with younger couples as they are not as expensive as 24 karat gold. Some people also give mens silver rings as a groomsmen's gift for that special occasion to commemorate.

Men's silver jewelry is typically less expensive compared to mens gold rings or platinum rings. Men's rings are also usually simpler in design when compared to women's rings, however there are exceptions. Silver jewelry is very affordable and will complement to any type of clothings. Men’s rings sometimes contain diamonds or other gemstones like amethyst, or opals, but most men prefer something less flashy.

As a guide to pricing, we searched some online jewelry stores and found this cross section of mens silver rings:

At $179.99 is a 7mm Comfort Fit men’s wedding band in sterling silver. It features rope-style edges and laser-engraved leaf details that catch the light. This sterling silver mens wedding band is designed with a rounded ‘comfort fit’ interior that slides on easily and avoids pinching.

Discounted from $93 to $56 is a mens silver ring in a contemporary .925 sterling silver. This ring is bold high grade .925 Sterling Silver and features modern open styling and a rhodium finished to prevent tarnishing. The dimensions are 1 " x 5/16 ".

For just $31.77 is a unisex mens or ladies sterling silver cut out Christian religious cross ring. It is a high polished tapered band ring. At only $35.10 you can get a mens sterling silver antiqued finish Christian religious cross cutout spinner ring. On sale at just $39.99 is a Men's Titanium and Sterling Silver Ring. It is a plain band ring popular with many men.

For young men who do not have a lot of money to spend, silver rings offers them a wide range of choices without compromising the style and quality.

In addition to gold and silver mens rings there is also a range of durable stainless steel, titanium and platinum rings. Steel looks very similar to platinum but is more resistant to scratches and will hold up better than platinum with aggressive wear. This strong metal makes it a perfect choice in rings for men who like to work hard and play hard.


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