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 leather necklaces for men

Men’s leather necklaces are one of the oldest forms of necklaces around, providing support for many types of gems and adornments over the centuries. Leather enjoys an unusually long history in terms of necklaces as it is a strong, durable material that is also very flexible and pliable as well. From all corners of the world, leather necklaces have been a hallmark of jewelry for both men and women.


The all-natural aspect of leather also works well for many fashion choices for men, creating a unique centerpiece that helps properly present their attire with class and dignity. In fact, leather is one of the most versatile materials as well, providing exceptional comfort and style with a touch of the exotic thanks to the numerous elements that it can hold. From ancient times when men use to wear leather necklaces as status symbols to today’s world where they hold many different types of adornments, they are still the focal point of fashion.


Traditionally, necklaces made from leather have a knot or clasp in the back that can be undone to allow for easier removing or placing. Plus, additional gems or adornments can be added or removed from the necklace as well. While most of today’s leather necklaces are single-piece sets, there is still that element of variety that has kept it quite popular over the years.


The History of Leather Necklaces


Necklaces are one of the oldest forms of jewelry known, going back long before civilized times into the “caveman” era. Although exact dates are not known, necklaces are believed to be at least 40,000 years old and were created at some point during the Stone Age. The oldest of necklaces were made from all natural materials even before weaving and strings were invented.


In addition to vines, leather necklaces are really the descendents of old animal sinew that were stripped and dried in the sun. Their flexibility and strength made them the perfect necklaces to hold teeth, bones, shells and other adornments of the time. Many examples of these necklaces include those adorned with bird feathers, coral, seeds, stones and even carved pieces of wood.


Whether using natural adornments or those shaped and carved by primitive tools, the necklaces of the time had many different uses ranging from the practical in holding elements that may have been needed for certain tasks to symbolism that may have distinguished the position or achievement of the person who wore these items. The necklace was a practical achievement, but also one that spoke to the individual as well as no two during this time were ever alike.


As civilization began springing up around the world roughly 10,000 years ago, the necklace evolved as well. The invention of weaving and the creation of the string helped bring about new types of necklaces that completed with the traditional sinew ones worn by primitive people. However, it was the ability to tan hides and turn them into leather than brought about the first leather necklaces. Leather certainly has many uses, but its role as a necklace was very important in terms of symbolism and personal adornment.


Today, leather necklaces are still quite popular even thousands of years after they were first created. Despite the advancement of civilization, leather necklaces still retain many advantages that have women and particularly men seeking them out for their own personal look.


The Benefits of Leather in Necklaces


There are several advantages that leather necklaces have over many of their more modern counterparts. These advantages are rooted in the inherent strength of the material that leather features along with other elements as well.


Durable: Leather necklaces are certainly very durable and hold up to many different conditions for years at a time. With normal use, a leather necklace will last for many years and requires little in the way of maintenance. In fact, many leather necklaces may be passed down to younger generations as well, thanks to their highly durable qualities.


Comfort: Unlike necklaces made from metal which are initially cold to the touch, leather is always warm and comfortable no matter the environment. This makes leather necklaces ideal for those who wear them next to the skin, but they can also be worn on the outside of the shirt as well to help compliment the attire.


Flexibility: Leather is a very flexible material that can be twisted and rolled up if need be for storage, although it is generally best to keep it in its natural shape when not being used. However, the ability for the material to flex and bend makes it even more comfortable when being worn as it can easily adjust to new positions.


Complimentary: Leather is a very complimentary material in male fashion, particular when it comes to necklaces as they work very well with most types of attire. From formal to casual wear, leather necklaces are well suited although western wear is arguably the best.


Price: While leather necklaces are not exactly cheap, they are not all that expensive either depending on the complimentary gems or jewelry that is attached. So basically, unless you are holding pure gold, diamonds or some other exotic gem, purchasing a leather necklace is generally within the budgets of most people. This means that they make great gifts as well.


Why Choose Leather Cross Necklaces For Men?


There are certainly many reasons why you should consider a leather necklace for your next fashion purchase. The longevity and low price make leather necklaces a great investment as they will last for many years with little in the way of maintenance. Plus, they work very well with most types of attire, which makes them the perfect compliment when going to work or a night out on the town.


Of course, leather necklaces are also a reminder of our distant past which makes them particularly attractive as they remind us of how far we have come, yet they also present a new, modern look depending on the style that is chosen. Leather necklaces for guys make the perfect gift and one that they will appreciate over the years.



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