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Wearing religious crucifix necklaces, or gold crucifix pendants, can be a way to show your faith in God, religion and your belief in the positive values of life. Gold crucifixes can let a person make a positive statement without uttering a word.

The choice of jewelry can say a lot about an individual and his or her beliefs. Religious jewelry is generally worn to spread the word of God, however many people just like to wear it because it can be attractive.


Some men who wear gold crucifix pendants rarely attend church. They either wear the jewelry because they like it, or because they like to show they are a kind, caring and honest member of society. Gold crucifix jewelry, and in particular, a gold crucifix necklace or gold crucifix pendant, are a common site in the western world. They are worn by women and men of all ages and backgrounds.


Christian Denominations and basic Christian Values


Cross necklaces and pendants make perfect gifts for religious people of the Christian faith. Christian denominations including Catholics, Anglicans, Baptists and other denominations each have their own distinctive practices or beliefs. However, many Christians believe the various denominations, or churches, are merely branches of the same core religion. Catholics, Baptists, Anglicans, and other Christian denominations agree on the basic values and fundamentals of the Bible.


Once upon a time religious jewelry consisted of rosaries and beaded bracelets. These days there is a wider acceptance of jewelry (and a wider choice) for men. Religious jewelry has followed the same trend. Many males are no longer shy about wearing jewelry or showing their faith in God. They are comfortable wearing religious jewelery including gold crucifix pendants, bracelets inscribed with words like “Jesus Loves You”, gold crucifix metal rings, and crucifix necklaces.


The church, and belief in god, and Jesus as the savior, has changed millions of lives worldwide. Wearing gold crucifixes is symbol of their faith in the Christian beliefs that have touched so many people's lives.


Giving a gold crucifix, or a gold crucifix pendant, can be a lasting gift that can be worn at Easter, or Christmas with pride. Wearing gold crucifixes is an expression of a person’s religious faith and their inner joy. After all, the word 'jewelry' (spelled jewellery in the UK) derives from the French word 'joiel' which translates as 'joy.'


Gold and sterling silver cross necklaces for men and women are becoming increasingly popular and are not out of place in most settings. For men gold crucifixes are growing in acceptability. They don’t seem to have the stigma attached that might once have been apparent in society. Today’s male is generally more comfortable wearing items of jewelry than he would have been in years gone by. There doesn’t seem to be the association of jewelry being only for the ladies, or for gay men. Even the toughest, roughest males adorn crucifix metal jewelry or gold crucifix pendants.


Search the online retailers listed on this site for a range of cross necklaces for men and other religious jewelry items. Many online jewellers have regular discount prices on gold crucifix pendants and other gold crucifix jewelry pieces. I have viewed savings of up to 60% on some items. Good shopping and god bless!



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