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This website has links to several very good online jewelry stores that carry a wide range of christian cross jewelry and mens jewelry accessories in general. Most of the websites have in stock both traditional, classical, and modern contemporary designs of mens crosses and christian jewellery.


Christian, Celtic and also Orthodox crosses make good gifts for confirmation. You can even get boys cross necklaces in sterling silver, titanium, white gold, and yellow gold 14 karat and 18 karat.


Christian pendants and cross jewelry for all the Christian denominations


Christian cross jewelry is the recognized symbol of the Christian religion. You will see crosses and crucifixes (cross with Jesus) in Christian churches and on gravestones in churchyards worldwide. Christians believe Jesus the son of God and their messiah (anointed one), was nailed to a big wooden cross (crucified). Crucifixion was a common method of executing people in Roman times.


Christians generally believe that the death of Jesus made believers sins go away, and they would be forgiven. Christianity talks of the resurrection were Jesus came back to life three days after he was crucified. Wearing christian cross jewelry symbolizes the sacrifice and suffering of Jesus. Christian pendants, cross pendants, and cross jewelry portray forgiveness of sins, hope and victory over death.


Men's christian cross jewelry is appropriate for all occasions


Mens necklaces, mens pendants, rings and other christian jewelry is widely accepted and considered fashionable to wear on any occasion. However, men are not just restricted to plain gold cross necklaces as there is now a large range to choose from at specialty religious stores online. A search of this website will reveal a range including the Ankh Cross pendant, Maltese Cross charm, the Filigree cross pendant, the Disciples Cross, the Orthodox cross pendant, the star of david silver mens necklace, the Byzantine cross, the Baptismal cross pendant, and the Canterbury Cross pendant.


Before buying mens jewelry you might want to do some Google research into the symbolism associated with the different types of christian cross jewelry. This will help you make a reasoned purchase.


As well as mens crosses and boys cross necklaces there are various mens pendants promoting prayer. There are Christian Fish Necklaces and various types of christian jewellery signifying love and peace.


One of the more symbolic christian pendants is a mens celtic cross or the Irish High Cross necklace. Celtic Cross necklaces are worn by Christians of various religious denominations. Some wear the Claddagh and others prefer Shamrock cross necklaces.


The Resurrection of Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ is the true foundation as well as the very vital center point from which Christianity it based upon in entirety. Jesus Christ was said to be born from the Virgin Mary and conceived by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is known in the Christian faith as both the Messiah and as the Son of God. Jesus Christ is said to have suffered just like us humans do with pain, but instead of sinning as us humans normally do, Jesus Christ was said to have never sinned at all, not even once. Instead, Jesus Christ is known as the true God incarnate and the "true God and true man" in one.

According to the Christian faith, Jesus Christ was said to be fully human, and it is a known fact that "God raised him from the dead". The most amazing aspect about Jesus Christ is that it is said in the Christian doctrine that he will return one day, and this is known as the Last Judgment. It is said that when Jesus Christ returns, he will establish the Kingdom of God.


The miracles of Jesus Christ are what truly make him noteworthy and what truly set him apart from anyone else ever in history. Jesus Christ did numerous things that were good and he touched the lives of many by his amazing teachings, his wonderful preaching, and his ultimate deeds of sacrifice and love, which brought so many joy and made them truly believe in his powers that be. Moreover, it is said that the most vital event that has ever occurred in history has been the resurrection of Jesus Christ himself. In addition, the death of Jesus Christ is also an extremely noteworthy event to have occurred in the Christian faith and still affects people on a daily basis.


The resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated with special holidays that Christians celebrate on an annual basis. These very important holidays are Easter Sunday and Good Friday. Good Friday commemorates the death of Jesus Christ and Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Both Good Friday and Easter Sunday are known as Holy Week in the Christian faith. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are so vital to the Christian religion because both holidays remind Christians how Jesus Christ has the ability to have power over life and death which gives him the power over what Christians know as Eternal Life. The teachings of Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection are discussed in The New Testament.


Search this website and visit the various online retailers for a wonderful selection of christian cross jewelry. If you have a special occasion to buy for, then christian pendants and other mens jewelry pieces are well worth considering. Remember, many of these online stores don’t just cater for men, they also have boys cross necklaces and gifts for confirmation. Online stores often don’t pay expensive rentals for retail premises, so you can often pick up a good deal by buying over the internet. God bless!



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