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Catholic jewelry, or if you are in the UK “catholic jewellery”, is more popular than ever. Crosses and crucifixes are perhaps the most widely worn items as they are easily identifiable as a sign of a person’s faith. However in saying that, crosses and crucifixes are not the only symbols of Christianity. There are also patron saint medals, the latin cross, the greek cross, the celtic cross, and the Russian Orthodox cross.

Have a look through this website and you will see online jewellery stores advertising everything from catholic baptism gifts, crosses and crucifixes, through to cheap charms and cheap cross necklaces. However, be warned, just because some of the catholic jewelry is discounted in price does not mean the quality is inferior or suspect. Many of the items I saw were simply discontinued lines that were being cleared at discounted prices.


Medals of Patron Saints worn with pride

Saint medals depict a patron saint. The saint medals are usually worn as necklaces to signify the patron saint’s sacrifices and triumphs. Many males like to wear these saint medals, because each patron saint is remembered for his or her unique qualities, in the same way each of us has our own individual personality. Patron saint medals are a wonderful gift of Catholic jewelry.

Saint Francis of Assisi devoted his life to the poor, poverty and care of the sick. Saint Francis of Assisi is recognized as the patron saint of ecology, animals, and peace.

St Patrick the patron saint of Ireland, worked to convert the Irish to Christianity. St Patrick is often depicted on Christian jewelry.

According to legend, St. Christopher made his living by carrying people across a river. When carrying a child across the river St. Christopher noticed that the child grew heavier. The boy revealed he was Christ and he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

St. Helena married Roman General Constantius Chlorus and gave birth to Constantine (who became the Emperor of Rome). Constantine permitted Christianity in the Roman Empire. St. Helena converted to Christianity and is said to have discovered the True Cross. St. Helena is the patron saint of converts and archeologists.

There are hundreds of saints, so it is possible to select a patron saint medal that represents the wearer’s own unique individuality.

Catholic crucifixes the perfect christian jewelry for men


The cross, or Jesus on the cross, is perhaps the most obvious symbol of Catholic jewellery. Do a search of this website and you will see crosses and crucifixes come as pendants, necklaces, bracelets and even rings. Many men and women like to wear christian jewelry, and in particular catholic crucifixes, because the items carry symbolism and meaning. The wearer needs to decide what best suits them as there are several options when buying crosses and crucifixes. It is very much a personal decision.


To start with there is the Celtic cross which continues to be a popular choice of christian jewelry for men. The Celtic cross comprises a cross with a circle running around the cross bar. The Irish worshiped the sun and moon before they converted to Christianity. The circle around the cross is said represented the sun, or the moon. In modern times many say the circle represents the love of God as seen through Christ’s sacrifice.


The crucifix symbolises Christianity and the Catholic Church. The crucifix is a cross (Latin cross) with Christ on it. Catholic crucifixes depict Christ’s sacrifice and suffering. 

Perhaps the most recognizable cross necklace for men is the Latin cross. This cross typically has a long vertical bar with a shorter horizontal bar above the center. The Latin cross stands alone to represent faith, hope, and the joy in Christ’s resurrection.

The Greek cross differs from the Latin Cross, because it has bars of equal lengths. The Greek cross is thought to be the most ancient form of the cross.

Different again is the Russian Orthodox cross which has three cross bars. The lowest bar on the Russian Orthodox cross is on a slant. This slanted bar which forms an “X”, is said to represent the St. Andrews cross.

If you search this website you will find a great range of cheap religious jewelry. There are links to various online jewellers who have been advertising cheap cross necklaces, christian bracelets, gold rings, catholic baptism gifts, and cheap charms, some up to 60% off retail prices.


There is also a wonderful choice of quality 14k and 18k gold jewellery items as well as sterling silver, titanium and other precious or semi precious metals and gems. So, there is a range of quality Catholic jewelry to suit anyone.


During my search of internet retailers I discovered the discounted items are not just cheap religious jewelry that won’t last. Many items are superb quality, advertised below normal retail prices.


The catholic crucifixes also range in quality and price. Again, even some of the highest quality items are often available online at discounted prices. If you are on a limited budget, it is also possible at times to buy cheap cross necklaces for as little as $20 - $50 upwards. Have a look and judge for yourself.

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