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Sterling silver affirmation charms are a wonderful way to express your true feelings and show your personal declaration of love. Affirmation jewelry is available in a range of designs with the affirmation circle being a popular choice.


Sterling silver or gold affirmation charms can have positive words engraved, or people’s names, dates etc. This type of jewelry can serve as an uplifting reminder of your true thoughts and sentiments. The words can be either engraved, or stamped on one, or both sides of the affirmation jewelry.


Sometimes the word, or words, can be repeated two or three times depending on the space available. Gold bracelet charms look simply delightful and there is a wide choice of sterling silver charm bracelets too.


Gold or sterling silver affirmation charms can be worn as a pendant on a necklace. People also add affirmation circles to charm bracelets, ankle bracelets, bangles, and as key chain charms. Charms for bracelets are available online in various shapes and sizes, but remember, they need to be comfortable to wear.


Here are some suggestions for getting words engraved or stamped on affirmation charms for bracelets: Love, Patience, Responsibility, Dream, Strength, Kindness, Believe, Courage, Hope. Words can also be combined eg. “Hope, Faith & Trust”, “Peace, Love & Joy”, “Best Friends Forever”, and “Family, Love & Memories.” Sterling silver charm bracelets and gold bracelet charms are the most popular.


People often buy gold and sterling silver charm bracelets with charms attached, because it is a way they can express their feelings in a lasting fashion. Often words are hard to say face to face, yet it can be easy to give a jewelry gift with meaningful words inscribed, stamped, or engraved.


Affirmation charms, and particularly affirmation circles, often carry names and special commemorative dates such as birthdays, christening, and anniversaries. Some people just like to have simple words stamped or engraved. Some examples are: Mom, Mother, Dad, Father, Grandma Etc. You can then expand on the idea and add word such as “World’s Best Mom.


There is also a great selection of shapes when buying charms for bracelets. Heart shape charms are also a winner, but always check that there is room for engraving (if that is what you want). Some heart shape charms are too small to be engraved. Also find out what metal is used. Sterling silver charm bracelets and gold bracelet charms are usually easy to engrave. Ask your jeweller for advice before buying affirmation charms or affirmation jewelry of any kind.


Selecting the right charm bracelet or necklace is important. Cheapest is not always best, especially if you want engraving done. Make sure you can buy extra charms to attach to the necklace or bracelet. You may want to add to it over time. Buying extra charms for bracelets can be a wonderful gift idea for birthdays, or times of Christian significance like Easter and Christmas.


The reality is that while one piece of jewelry with a faith based symbol such as a cross conveys a high level of truth and commitment, this piece of jewelry can really create a strong and striking appearance on any man that decides to wear it in more ways than one. A man who wears this necklace is truly a testament of appreciation to his faith as well as a high level of promise to himself. This type of jewelry truly showcases a man for who he is and what he stands for, it gives others the sense that the man wearing this type of jewelry is strong-minded, opinionated, as well as fiercely independent. Just as a wedding ring is vital to the commitment shown in marriage, wearing a cross necklace is just as important because it shows a commitment to the Christian faith.


In all actuality, crosses have a very rich history in the culture in which we all live in today. For people who decide to wear these amazing pieces of adornment, they are often thought to provide the wearer a strong level of protection and security in both a spiritual and religious sense. People might feel comfortable wearing them because they can act as a good luck charm in one sense and also bring on positive things to enter into the wearer's life on a consistent basis.


The symbol of the cross is widely recognized as bringing a sense of concentrated happiness to the wearer as well as the others that view this symbol too. This special symbol is such a vital part to many cultures and to a wide array of individuals due to the fact that, at times, it is never removed whatsoever by a majority of wearers who believe in its power and faith based healing properties. The individuals that choose to keep this symbol on their bodies at all times are in many instances the ones who follow the Greek Orthodox traditions.


Search online for affirmation jewelry from the various stores and retailers listed on this site. Many have jewellery on sale at discounted prices.


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